CruzBuy is our campus e-procurement system used to purchase goods and services. Please visit the Procurement Services page for more information. Cruzbuy training is available and highly recommended. Click here for a list of training dates and locations.

Getting a CruzBuy Account

No formal training is required to obtain a CruzBuy user account, however user training is highly recommended. Follow these steps to get a CruzBuy Account:

1. Obtain a UCSC CruzID and Email Account if you do not already have a UCSC email account.

2. Complete the CruzBuy Account Authorization Form.

  • Account setup for: CruzBuy Requesters, Budget or Physical Plant Approvers, Food & Entertainment Approvers, and PI/Other Approvers.

  • Note: Adobe Pro is required to save a copy of the completed form.

3. Obtain signature authorization from your direct supervisor and your CruzBuy Divisional Access Authorizer on the form, and follow any additional instructions required by your division.

  • Note: MCD Biology falls under the 'Cruzbuy Division Code: Physical & Biological Sciences, Subunit: PB Sci Research Accounting'.

4. Submit the completed form to CruzBuy Account Administration.

  • Via scanned form in PDF format emailed to

  • Via mail: CruzBuy Account Administration; Mailstop: Accounting

  • Via Fax: 459-3601

5. Once you have been notified by email that your CruzBuy UserID and password have been created, usually within two working days, go to the ITS Help Desk with a photo I.D. to obtain them.