The Financial Affairs website has devoted multiple webpages to University Travel. We highly suggest reviewing these pages. Topics include: Before You TravelWhile You Travel, and After You Travel.
Be sure to check out the Key Tips for UCSC Travelers for advice on the most common travel topics, and remember, the full UCSC Travel Guide is also available with in-depth travel and policy information.
For Questions:
• General questions or guidance -- please see the Department Assistant
• Accounting questions -- please see your Accountant
• For more advanced travel questions, please contact either or the FAST/AP Help Line at (831) 459-4488.


Before You Travel
All travelers (UCSC employees, visitors, students) will need to complete and submit a Payee Setup Request (204) form. This form is used to capture your personal information, that will be used to:
1. Pay your cash advance
2. Reimburse you after your trip
Attached is an example. If you will travel frequently, the University suggests filling out page two -- Vendor Electronic Funds Authorization Form, so future cash advances/reimbursements can be direct deposited into the banking account of your choice. 
For one-time visitors, simply fill out page one, and a paper check will be mailed to the address they input on the form.
UCSC - Travel Advance / Request
The Travel Advance Request (TAR) form is used to:
1. Request cash advances
2. Request a trip number for direct payment to cover allowable travel expenses
Example Scenarios:
I am going to travel to a conference. The conference fee is $500. What are my options for paying this fee?
1. Fill out a Travel Advance Request. Conference fees can be paid directly to the vendor (in some cases). Check with your accountant.
2. If the conference fee cannot be direct paid to the vendor, use the same form to get a pre-trip reimbursement of this dollar amount.
I am bringing a visitor to campus to give a talk, and will reimburse all the expenses. How do I reserve a hotel room?
1. Call the hotel to make a reservation. UCSC contracts with many hotels in Santa Cruz. Click here for the list. Be sure when speaking to the reservations agent, to mention you are from UCSC, and you want the room direct billed. Have the hotel send you the confirmation, as this is needed to fill out the paperwork.
1. Fill out the Travel Advance Request using your visitors information.
2. Include the FOAPAL you will charge, sign, and submit to your accountant.
FAST will then send correspondence to the hotel, which will include a number (Trip Number) used for the direct billing. This number is important, and you will use it later on the Post Travel Expense form.


Travel Grants for Faculty
COR travel grants are intended to provide the opportunity for qualified applicants to participate in meetings of learned societies and organized conferences for the purpose of presenting and discussing important research results. The meeting can either be in the U.S. or abroad.
Please visit the Academic Senate website for further details about Scholarly Meeting Travel (SMT) & Intercampus Travel.
Travel Grants for Graduate Students
GSA Travel Grants are awarded to assist students who travel to perform research or attend conferences related to their graduate projects. This also may include thesis related travel to workshops and programs. The maximum award is $500 per applicant per academic year. Students receiving funding from another source (such as an advisor, department, or grant) may be offered an award that is less than the maximum. Students Travel must be completed before applying and must have occurred within the last two years. You may only apply after all travel has been completed.
Please visit the Graduate Student Association website for further details, and deadlines for submitting applications.