Teaching Resources

What's the College Core Course? | College 1

Academic Calendars

Academic Misconduct Policy for Undergraduates

Class Rosters

Classroom Information

Classroom Hotline for Urgent In-Class Response: 831-459-5858.

Copy Cards for Academic Copying

Are available for check-out in the department office (ISB 211). These should be used for smaller copy jobs under a few hundred copies. For copying exams or other high volume materials, please contact the UCSC Copy Center.

Course Evaluations

Click the link above to view your evaluations.

Disability Resource Center (DRC) and Student Accommodations

The DRC recommends incorporating information about student accommodations in your course syllabus, website, and class announcements to ensure that requests for authorized accommodations are received in a timely manner. Visit the campus Disability Resource Center for more information about student accommodation.



Entering grades, changing grades, etc.

Guidelines for Addressing Disruptive Students

Learning Technologies

Privacy of Student Records

Writing Supplies

Chalk, whiteboard markers, red pens, and other teaching supplies are located in ISB 211. If you do not see what you need, please contact the Department Assistant.

UCSC Copy Center