Declaring Your Major

Students must complete BOTH of the following steps to declare their major.

1. Please create your academic plan, and meet with your major advisor.

2. Make an appointment with your faculty mentor. 

Science Education majors must meet with Onuttom to setup their academic plans.

Physics and Applied Physics majors can choose a faculty mentor from the following list:

Astrophysics majors can choose a faculty from the following list

Qualifying for the Major

Students who began their studies at UCSC in Fall 2009 or later must qualify to declare a Physics major.

To qualify for a Physics BS, Applied Physics BS, or Astrophysics BS, major students must complete Phys 5A, Phys 5B, and Phys 5C or their equivalents, with a cumulative GPA of 2.70 or greater.

NOTE: At least two of these three courses must be passed in the first attempt.

Students may petition to declare once they have successfully completed the courses required by the qualification policy.

Students who do not meet the qualification policy may appeal. For more information, visit our Appeal Process.

Students with 2.67 GPA Probation Process

For students with 2.67 GPA, there is a standard probation process. Students can take Physics 5D in the fall and can get a grade of B or better, they will be considered eligible to declare physics. If they get a grade of B- or lower, they will not be eligible, but would still be able to appeal the disqualification.

Double Major Policy

Students interested in pursuing multiple majors within the physical sciences may NOT declare the following combination of majors:

  • Physics & Applied Physics
  • Physics & Physics (Astrophysics)
  • Applied Physics & Physics (Astrophysics)

Should you choose to double major in two science majors, you must qualify for both majors.

Students electing a double major may not use the online petition to declare, but must make an appointment to meet with their major advisor.