Frosh Information

Welcome! Now that you are a registered frosh, the following information is your guide to getting started in your Physics major.

Slug orientation is the next step for all new students. To get an early enrollment appointment, students must complete courses and submit their official test scores and transcripts to admissions. To register, visit Campus Orientation Programs

If you have already completed the online Slug orientation and need a refresher on getting enrolled, please review the orientation information or reach out to your orientation advisers.

  Remember, all courses for your Physics major must be taken for a letter grade. 

For more information on grades, see the Navigator:

Students with Advanced Placement credit must provide Admissions an official copy of your test score.  You can verify your AP credit in your MyUCSC portal. For information on how your AP credit applies to your enrollment and your major, see the Advanced Placement Credit information at the end of this page.

If you have taken a college-level course that you would like credit for, you must send an official transcript to Admissions.  If you wish to have that same course applied toward your major requirements, send an unofficial copy of your transcripts to the Physics adviser Christian Sanchez at

For new students, the primary concern is getting enrolled.  Here is a quick overview of how to assess where you are and which courses you should enroll in.

Physics BS

Physics (Astrophysics) BS

Applied Physics BS

Science Education BS



Physics AP credit

Please check here the AP credit scores for Physics.