Quantum Information Science Concentration

February 12, 2024


In response to the growing need for computational physicists, a new Applied Physics concentration, Quantum Science Information (QIS), has been launched.


Image: Research lab at UC Santa Cruz.

Information about the Concentration

This is a rapidly growing field that is becoming increasingly important due to the advent of quantum computing and the use of quantum information. Investment in quantum computing and quantum technologies is rising sharply, as is investment by the federal government.

The QIS concentration will supplement a broad training in physics with a course on the applications of quantum mechanics, a course on quantum computing, a course on solid state physics associated with quantum technologies, and a QIS lab course.



Image: Interior of an IBM computing system (Credit:IBM).

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) 

For information about the Transfer Admission Guarantee Program at UCSC in Physics (courses required for the major are the same as for the Physics ADT), please click here.


Image: Probability density of confined electronic states in a quantum dot (Credit: Jairo Velasco, UCSC).


Image: Wormhole