GEDi Council

What is the GEDi Council? Graduate Experience Development initiative (GEDi)

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Mission Statement:  

The GEDi Council is a voluntary association of physics graduate students aiming to address topics relevant to their experience in the Physics Graduate Program. The goal of this council is to improve the physics graduate student experience by developing student led projects and initiatives to support students during their graduate career, as well as identifying students’ concerns and providing feedback to the physics department administration.

Additional Information:

The council does not have the ability to directly enact or change departmental policy, as such policy is set by the faculty. Rather, the council aims to ensure that all graduate student voices are recognized and that the varied perspectives and life experiences of students are clearly and effectively conveyed to the administration for consideration. Our intention is to provide the faculty and administration with a holistic view of graduate student life and welfare, in order to better inform departmental decisions and policies that impact the graduate experience.

In order to achieve these goals, students serving on the council must work together to identify areas for improvement, then collaborate with administration to develop potential solutions. This provides students an opportunity for professional development that is useful for future careers in both industry and academia, while working in a position of service in order to improve the experiences of current and future graduate students. Working together, we can foster change and help each other to get the most out of our time at UCSC.

 Graduate Students at the Department softball game

2020-21 Student Roles: 

Scheduling: Roy Sfadia

Determines best times for council meetings, announces at beginning of each quarter.

Meeting leader(s): Cycle through committee chairs, David Laubner, Joseph Connell, Tyler Smart

Runs the meeting, following agenda, etc. Keeps things on time.

Agenda/meeting notes: Ben Lehmann & Heather Mentzer

Based on previous meetings or graduate concern, sets agenda for upcoming meeting. Takes detailed notes during meetings to the Team Drive.

Liaison to the Department Chair & Grad Committee: David Laubner, Joseph Connell, Tyler Smart

Bring areas of interest, concerns, developments, etc. to the Department Chair (regarding department level concerns or non-graduate committee affairs) and to the Graduate Committee (regarding graduate students problems, courses, experiences, etc.). Discuss items where needed, or just give an update. Report key discussions of council meetings.

Graduate Student Association Department Rep (external): TBD

Department Representatives are the voice of their departments on the GSA Council and take part in decisions on discretionary funding, GSA resolutions, and committee work.

  • Reps attend Council meetings
  • Reps can get appointed to one or more internal or campus-wide committees
  • Reps interface with grads in their department to learn about their issues and needs, and brings these to attention of the GSA
  • Reps get paid for serving on the Council
  • Elected for a year long term

Diversity Committee representatives (external): Katie Hellier, Jennifer Sittler, Ben Lehmann

Presently serving on the department Diversity Committee. Represent physics graduate students diversity needs, plus others. Are contacts for graduate students who have something they wish to bring to the attention of the committee.

Special Colloquium Committee: Ben Lehmann, Dom Pasquali

Organize graduate students attending lunch with the colloquium speakers. Meet with faculty colloquium committee before beginning of quarter. Create guide/email explanation for desired abstract and colloquium subject level. Organize the special colloquium once per quarter. Organize video of colloquiums (by committee member or designated videographer)

Quals Bootcamp: TBD

Initial, no deadline: Revamp previous solutions where needed. Provide alternative/more detailed answers to assist in studying. Continuing: Organizing the quals bootcamp (dont’ have to be there!) by recruiting other grads or professors. Money for those presenting at the bootcamp. Review solutions for new problems, provide additional solutions if needed.

Physics Forum (external): Zippy Connell

Organizes an informal weekly gathering of ugrads, grads, staff, faculty, etc. (at present has only been students) to snack and talk about physics and other things. Could become a graduate organized thing, but at present is its own entity. 

Mentoring: TBD

Grad to grad mentoring program, pairing incoming students with mid-career students; will carry through the years, ultimately leading to connections throughout the entire career

Documentation: Ben Miller 

Initial: create site for uploading useful documents and information for all physgrads. Includes code, grants and tips, quals, etc. Encourage and recruit submissions from other grads to get launched. Continuing: Moderate uploads from grads. Provide more/less site structure where needed.

Social Person(s): Roy Sfadia 

Organizes grad social events.