Physics Colloquia

Physics Department Colloquia are scheduled from 3:20 pm-4:55 pm on Thursdays in Nat Sci Annex 101. Please check the colloquium calendar for room location. Cookies and coffee are served at 3:20pm in the interactive area on the second floor of the Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg, followed by the seminar at 3:45pm in Physical Sciences 114.

To view colloquia webcasts, go to

Click on the "video list" for Physics 292 & log in with username phys-292-1, password colloquium


Fall 2018 Commitee Members:  Mike Hance & Jairo Velasco Jr.

Winter 2019 Commitee Members:  Jason Nielsen & Tesla Jeltema

Spring 2019 Commitee Members:  Anthony Aguirre & David Lederman

Graduate Student Liasons to the Colloquium Commitee:  Dominic Pasquali & Ben Lehmann