Peter Fischer

TitleAdjunct Professor
DivisionPhysical & Biological Sciences
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Peter Fischer

Research Interests

• magnetism on the nano- and mesoscale
• magnetic x-ray microscopy and spectroscopy
• (ultra-)fast spin dynamics
• soft x-ray tomography of condensed matter
• x-ray optics

Biography, Education and Training

I studied physics at the TU Munich/Germany and received my Dr.rer.nat (PhD) for my thesis “X-ray magnetic circular dichroism at the L2,3 edges of 4f-elements” in 1993. In 2000 I received my habilitiation (venia legendi) from the U Wuerzburg in Germany based on my pioneering work on magnetic soft X-ray microscopy. From 2001-2004 I was group leader at the Max-Planck-Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart/Germany and lecturer for experimental physics at the U Stuttgart/Germany. Since 2004 I am staff scientist and principal investigator in the Materials Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. In 2014 I was appointed as adjunct professor in physics at UC Santa Cruz. Since 2016 I am Interim Division Director of the Materials Sciences Division at Berkeley Lab.

Honors, Awards and Grants

2014 APS Fellow
2014 IEEE Fellow
2013 Zhongshan Distinguished Lecturer, Nanjing, China
2011 IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer
2010 Klaus-Halbach-Award, ALS Berkeley CA

Selected Publications

  • P. Fischer, H. Ohldag, X-rays and magnetism: a review of program in magnetic studies with polarized soft x-rays, Report on Progress in Physics 78 094501 (2015)

  • S. Kasai, P. Fischer, M-Y. Im, K. Yamada, Y. Nakatani, K. Kobayashi, H. Kohno, and T. Ono, Real-time X-ray imaging of current-induced resonant motion of a vortex core in a ferromagnetic disk, Phys Rev Lett 101, 237203 (2008)

  • G. Meier, M. Bolte, R. Eiselt, B. Krueger, D.-H. Kim., P. Fischer, Direct imaging of current driven stochastic domain-wall motion and deformation, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 187202 (2007)

  • A. Fernández-Pacheco, R. Streubel, O. Fruchart, R. Hertel, P. Fischer, R. P. Cowburn, Three-dimensional nanomagnetism, Nature Comm 8:15756 (2017)

  • S. Woo, K.M. Song, H.-S. Han, M.-S. Jung, M.-Y. Im, K.-S. Lee, K.S. Song, P. Fischer, J.-I. Hong, J W Choi, B.-C. Min, H. C. Koo, J. Chang, Spin-orbit torque-driven skyrmion dynamics revealed by time-resolved X-ray microscopy, Nature Comm 8:15573 (2017)

  • R. Streubel, P. Fischer, F. Kronast, V.P. Kravchuk, D.D. Sheka, Y. Gaididei, O.G. Schmidt, D. Makarov, Magnetism in curved geometries,  J. Phys D: Appl Phys 49(36) (2016)

  • P. Fischer, Imaging techniques: X-rays used to watch spins in 3D, Nature 547 290 (2017)

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