Postdoctoral Fellows

Image of Edward Perepelitsky Dr. Edward Perepelitsky works with Professor Sriram Shastry and his group on the extremely correlated Fermi liquid theory and its implication for various experiments in quantum matter, including superconductivity and magnetism.
Image of Colin West Dr. Colin West works with Professors Josh Deutsch and Alexander Sher. He is particularly interested in developing better teaching practices through better understanding of science communication, an in increasing STEM retention rates for underrepresented minority students. Colin graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and then earned his PhD in Quantum Information Theory from the C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook University. While there, he also studied improv-based pedagogical techniques as part of the inaugural class at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, poker, distance running, and crossword puzzles. 
Image of Jennifer Trinh Dr. Jennifer Trinh works with Professor Art Ramirez on topics related to his NSF grant “Creating an Insulating Topological Insulator”. Present lines of investigation include the study of anisotropic charge transport in SrAs3  and  CaAs3,  magnetoresistance in BaIrO3, and study of several new iridate compounds using a variety of magneto-­‐thermal methods.
photo of Wenxin Ding
Dr. Wenxin Ding works with Professor Sriram Shastry and his group with research involving problems of strongly correlated matter and with computing the Hall constant in the ECFL theory. He has surveyed alternate theoretical approaches.  He has written a computer program that uses the spectral function and produces the conductivity, from the Extremely Correlated Fermi Liquid Theory.