Meal Reimbursements

Reimbursement for business related meals

The department office will process the paperwork to reimburse you for a business related meal if:

  1. It was with a E&PS seminar speaker.

  2. It was with a faculty recruitment candidate.

Please bring your original receipt to the department assistant for processing. Divisional policy mandates that 'all expenses be supported by original itemized receipts'. A credit card receipt with the total is not sufficient. A list of participants will also be required, so let the department assistant know who you went with. The department will process your reimbursement, and you will receive a paper check or a direct deposit depending on your delivery method. 

Processing your own reimbursement 

An Entertainment Reporting Form is an online form used for meal reimbursement.


  • Visit the FAST homepage to get started. Click 'Dashboard' on the top banner.
  • Use your CruzID and Gold Password to Login.
  • Then select 'Entertainment', and 'Create a New Entertainment Form'.
  • The system will walk you through the next steps. One you have completed the form, you will hit 'Submit'.
  • Print this form, sign as the requester, and bring to your research accountant for processing. Remember to include your receipts, when you bring this form to your accountant.