Getting Started in Research

Guided Steps to Join Research

  1. Discover what physics topics interest you
  2. Form a list of faculty who overlap with interests
  3. Email the professor to request a time to learn more about their work
  4. Determine whether the work they do is something you are interested in doing
  5. Request to sit in on group meetings

Note that the guide does not offer a step in which a position with the group is confirmed. This is because every group and faculty differ in their implementation of undergraduates into their research. In general, the next steps are organic as they offer to have you join their group when space is available.


Research Opportunity Facilitation (Pilot Program)

The department is working on a program to help students be automatically matched with faculty without requiring them to reach out to researchers personally. Essentially, a student can fill out a form and potentially be matched with a faculty member currently looking for help on their ongoing projects. If you are interested in joining the pilot program you can simply submit this google form. Should you choose to participate please allow a few days to recieve a response.


What to do once a faculty member invites you to join their research group?

Get credit for the work you do!

You can get course credit ranging from 2-7 units based upon the number of hours dedicated to research. This means you can continure to receive the same amount of financial aid and have fewer courses on your plate while dedicating youself to research projects. This is done by submitting an independent studies request with the help of your faculty researcher. You can learn more about the process by visiting the course planning section.


What are the benefits to participating in research?

The benefits to holding an ungergraduate research position are wide and varying. Below are a few listed but there are many more beyond it. Should you have any questions about these benefits, please feel free to reach out to the physics advisor.

  • Experience for CV
  • Credit for research
  • Author opportunities
  • Paid research work


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